Hamin Reed [hay min reid] blends classically themed, operatic, folk-rock/hip-hop with music and lyrics that resonate with you long after you leave. A cast of top-notch musicians puts on a transcendental performance of every time. Hamin Reed is currently based in New York City.

The band

Jeffrey Andrade | Guitar / lead vocals

Diane Ye | Violin / vocals

Da-Hea An | Bass / vocals


“An acoustic artist who challenges the notions of wood, strings, and sentiment . . . Just as much a slap in the face of your “folky” values as it is an embrace of humanity song, craft, and experiment.”
Jason Medina (Transient Authority)

“The music of Hamin Reed goes unparalleled in its diversity of sound and talent. His voice is warm and heartbreaking on ballads and he can rock harder than any hardcore musician I know of. The lyrics are thought provoking and emotionally moving to whimsically entertaining. Hamin Reed crosses a plethora of genres with a facility that does not make their performances seem disjointed. It is to say that whilst traversing through a variety of styles, there exists a continuity that is never lacking. Hamin Reed is an act that defines what more acts in current state should be, talented, creative and entertaining.”
Daniel Ouellette (Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin)

“Get inside the head and heart of one of the most evoking songwriters I have ever encountered. Genius insight to the world and who we are in it. I’ve listened to music everywhere, LA, Chicago, Nashville, NYC, I’ve worked with hundreds of songwriters and none have been quite as exceptional as Jeff. He has inspired and ignited me as both a listener and a songwriter. He has been a shining addition to my ipod as well as an amazing addition to my life as a friend. Check him out. You will not regret it.”
Nicole Berkowitz (The Willow Tree)